I’ve had a camera in my hand for as long as i can remember. i saved up for my first point and shoot when i was 12 years old and instantly fell in love with capturing people in a photograph (sorry to my bro, he was always begging me to stop taking photos of him). years of planned-out friend shoots passed before i considered really making this a profession. while going to school in california, i met so many inspiring creatives that encouraged me to really pursue this. since starting my business in 2016, it’s been nothing but a dream. i love every part of being a photographer, except maybe the headaches that accompany long days of staring at my computer, editing.

i’m not comfortable on the other side of the camera. IT’s true, i hate having my photos taken if i’m being honest. but it’s sweet because it helps me relate to those of you who dread having the lens pointed at you, so i get it + i won’t let you feel that way. a shoot with me won’t remind you of all of those family shoots that you dreaded growing up. we’ll have fun. we’ll run around. i’ll probably make you smell your shoulder or whisper something weird into someone’s ear, but we’ll have a good time.


photo taken by my talented friend, leah miller photography.

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where do i start? it always seems weird to introduce myself over the internet, because if i were to meet you in a person, i’d probably give you a huge smile and giant hug. .

formally known as katie beiler, i am now katie schlabach! yup, it’s spelled right. if you had to read that a few times, you’re not alone. what might throw you off even more is the way that it’s pronounced (shlay-baw). I’m keeping “Beiler” in my business name for now so that you all can still find me.

I am a follower of Jesus Christ + i am passionate about the gospel. it can be scary to put that out there, because i feel like christians are held to a higher standard to be ”perfect” or something that we can never reach on our own . I can promise you that i’ll never be perfect but christ is at work in me every day, and for that i am thankful.

I was born and raised in Florida, and though I love to rag on the heat + the scenery, it will always hold a very special place in my heart. it’s home.

I had the incredible privelege to study theology in both california + england in my early twenties. i not only learned VALUABLE life lessons through bible college, but i also learned how to put my love for photography into use!



I’m married to my very best friend, Cameron. We tied the knot in August ‘18 on top of Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga, Tennessee. in attendance were our incredible parents + anyone that happened to walk by on their hike. our day was perfect from beginning to end. i couldn’t imagine a better way to promise ourselves to each other and start our life together.

He’s from Michigan and I’m from the west coast of florida, But we call Fort Lauderdale home for now! cam is employed at an amazing church here, serving the youth group by leading them in worship every week. he’s a crazy talented musician! Hopefully I can show you guys some of his music someday soon.

if i didn’t already have the craziest, most loving family ever, i do now! through our marriage, i gained 12 new siblings and a pair of parents that i couldn’t love more.



extra deets that you probably don’t care about

I'm passionate about nutrition and health. i have an auto-immune disease, but my body has healed tremendously by sticking to a clean LIFESTYLE. so if i bring my own food to your wedding, it’s not because i don’t like the caterer! i find it amazing what our bodies are capable of when we listen + take care of them properly.

I hope to one day have a self-sufficient farm, complete with a garden, cows, and chickens. Preferrably in Tennessee ;)

In my free time, you'll either find me lounging around with my husband, cuddling my sweet pup, stuart, FaceTiming my family members, or cooking! 

props to you if you read all of this, my attention span isn’t that long.


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