I swear, I have the most beautiful friends - inside & out.  Meet Courtney, my crazy, red-headed companion whom I've had the privilege of knowing for the past 10 years.  As a young girl, I was always so excited about going to Courtney's house.  She lived on a big piece of land in the middle of no-where, and I LOVED IT.  Whether it be cows, pigs, or horses, Courtney was always raising some type of animal and was always so dedicated to her furry friends whom she loved so much.  Fast forward a few years, she's poured that same dedication into hair-dressing.  Courtney is an immensely talented hair-dresser... Seriously.  I don't like anyone touching my hair but her... In fact, I let her chop off about a foot of my long locks last year!

Anyways, when Courtney asked if I wanted to do a shoot, I didn't have to think twice...  DUH.  

We had so much fun together.  I think I could do shoots with Courtney every single day and never get bored.  I hope you like the pictures as much as we do!