Megan + Teddy (Surprise Wedding)

I wish I could fully express the way I feel about this wedding day; I just feel so honored that Megan & Teddy chose me to be a part of such an intimate and special day. I'm not that great with words, so I thought I'd include Megan's write-up from their wedding day.

"Teddy and I have been together for almost 10 years.. engaged for over 7. We have two beautiful girls…

We met my SENIOR year of High School when I was in a car accident and he was one of the first responders to arrive on scene. We didn’t hit it off immediately, but reconnected a few months later and have been together ever since.

I’m surprising Teddy today with a wedding mostly because I’m ready to be his wife, and I know he wants to be my husband as well. We talk about it all the time and have always wanted to get married, but every time we would plan a wedding, something would come up and it just never worked out. As new followers of Jesus, it’s important to both of us that we get married sooner, rather than later… He regularly asks me if we can ‘just go to the courthouse’… so I’m not worried today that he will say no!!

I also thought it would be really fun to surprise him if we weren’t going to have a big wedding… I wanted it to be really small and intimate and just about us and our new commitment to eachother and to God.

We are in Florida this week because I am a photographer and I’m shooting a wedding down here.. I decided to bring Teddy along so that we could spend some time together, but then decided it would be the perfect, if not the only, opportunity for us to get married and still have a dream wedding.
Originally, it was going to be just the two of us, but when I mentioned the idea to my parents and best friends they were adamant on being present as well… so with just a couple months to prepare, I planned our wedding… our parents, siblings, and best friends have flown in. Our girls are here… and are taking their ‘flower girl’ duties very seriously! Our pastor is flying in… which is super important to us!

We even got our marriage license a couple days ago… I told Teddy that I was missing my first week of summer classes and that I told my professors I was getting married and they wanted a copy of the marriage license as proof… He was not happy about having to spend $100 on an excuse for me to miss class, so I think he will be excited when he realizes it didn’t go to waste! ;)

It’s been hard keeping track of all of the stories I’ve had to tell… (forgive me, Jesus!) but I truly believe that this has all been God’s plan… Teddy’s been my hero since day 1."